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What is abacus?

When we define a term abacus, we have to be really careful and pay attention to its characteristics. Most simply said abacus is an ancient calculation device. However, we can’t identify abacus as a calculation device because we can’t calculate on it! It actually helps us calculate, but without automation, because the calculation is performed in the mind of the person who is using the abacus.

What is Numicon

Numicon is a numerical didactic system which is used to develop mathematical skills in children. It was developed by experts from Oxford University, and, in 2015, it was proclaimed the world’s best educational mathematical method (Education Resources Awards [ERA]). Numicon covers the entire field of numbers, basic arithmetic operations, and different mathematical patterns.

HIKARI Mental Arithmetic

The International School of Mental Arithmetic Kid Genius in its program is applying the original HIKARI 光 program of Mental Arithmetic. The program has a unique method originating from Japan, a country that represents the cradle of this prestigious discipline. It was created as a result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education, and is based on the use of the ancient device abacus (算盤 jap. Soroban), whose visualization achieves extraordinary fast calculation

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